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Funding games made easy

Xsolla Capital provides capital and access to innovative tools and markets to launch games from independent video game developers.

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Key advantages

Key to the success of Xsolla Capital’s investment strategy is the value added collaboration with game studios to successfully launch games, significantly increase a game’s rate of growth, drive user acquisition, and stimulate outsized revenue.


In 2017, the global video games market will reach $116 billion in revenues, up 10.7% from 2016 growing to $143.5 billion in 2020.

Firm Advantages

Unique business model leverages critical combination of industry access, global reach, technology infrastructure and market expertise to drive innovation and success.


Born out of Xsolla Inc., Xsolla Capital’s resident expertise and access to enormous amounts of proprietary internal data paired with significant public data provides a significant competitive advantage.

Developer Advantages

Xsolla Capital does not interfere with a game developers management structure or IP, infringe on creativity, assimilate the community, or pile on debt to the studio.

Investor Advantages

Xsolla Capital provides investors with Immediate yields, a focus on Risk mitigation, 100% Revenue control, Downside protection, Upside opportunity, and Access to an exciting and growing industry.


With more than 8,000 games launched globally each year, the video game industry is growing and diversifying at an unprecedented pace. In the last 12 months alone, indie titles like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has sold more than 25 million copies and is emblematic of what's to come.

Investment criteria

We focus on finding games that show the highest potential.

Any platform, any genre, anywhere

We target:

Games regardless of platform, genre or geographic location. Our goal is to partner in a game’s success by focusing on maximizing returns

Last money in Capital

5 month → Launch → Post Launch
prior launch

We target:

Games that require no more than 5 months of additional development

Games ready to launch

Released games that desire a reinvigoration of their game

Royalty investment

Our investment strategy is royalty based,
not equity or debt based

We don’t:

Control management

Rely on financial gymnastics to provide estimated exit valuations in 6+ years

Leverage a company with near unsustainable debt burdens

How it works?

Game Submission

Apply for game funding via the "Apply Now" button. To expedite the process, the submission form requests required information up front in a "batch mode" manner providing a more efficient and streamlined process.

Quantitative Screen

The Quantitative process scores every game submitted across multiple dimensions utilizing our analytics engines (powered by Xsolla's enormous proprietary data warehouse and several additional 3rd party data warehouses) to drive predictive analysis about each game submitted.

Qualitative Screens

The Qualitative process is broken down into three scored phases: Producer, Gamer, and Financial analysis. Games are rated on playability, completion, ability to hold interest, difficulty, probability of financial success, etc.

Decision Making

The final stage is a full top to bottom review of the best games (games with the highest probability of revenue success) by the Investment Committee. Deal term ranges and options are confirmed, and initial term sheets are created.

We invest in great games!

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We are the team

We have decades of experience in both the video game and asset management industries!

Aleksandr Agapitov

Partner, Xsolla Capital
Founder & CEO, Xsolla Inc.,
Awarded “30 under 30”

Brett M. Brown

Managing Partner, Xsolla Capital
Over 25 years asset management experience

Dmitri Bourkovski

Partner, Xsolla Capital
Number 16th rated influencers in the CIS game industry

We present Royalty Investing for Video Games

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